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the gleaming thread illuminated by the fifth stanza

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Noun: a poetic form, consisting of five short, unrelated, highly-visual stanzas.

“The cadralor is a poem of 5, unrelated, numbered stanzaic images”


Plural format of poetic form ‘cadralor’

“Imagery is crucial to cadralore”

About Us

Gleam is a journal wholly devoted to the new poetic form, the cadralor. Co-created by three of Gleam’s editors, the cadralor consists of five short, unrelated, highly-visual stanzas.

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If you are interested in submitting your own cadralor poem or if you have questions, you can reach out to our Gleam email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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The cadralor was co-created by:
Lori Howe, Editor in Chief
Christopher Cadra, Senior Editor
Mary Carroll-Hackett, Contributing Editor

Meet the Editors